Después de un cliffhanger flagrante: finalmente nuevos episodios "Dragon Ball Super" en la televisión alemana!

After a blatant cliffhanger: finally new episodes "Dragon ball super" on German television!

After a blatant cliffhanger: finally new episodes "Dragon ball super" on German television!

The long dry spell has come to an end: starting today, ProSieben Maxx will show the new episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” with Son-Goku and company from Monday to Friday. Can you finally reveal Black’s true identity?

Tôei animation company

After a hiatus of more than half a year, “Dragon Ball Super” returns to the home screens with new episodes. Starting today June 11, 2019, ProSieben Maxx will show a new episode of the cult anime about Sajyajin Son-Goku and his friends Monday through Friday at 4.30 pm After the company recently received a visit from Future Trunks and the appearance of the mysterious Black sparked a first exchange of blows with Goku, Beerus, the god of destruction, travels to the tenth universe with Whis and Goku. There should be someone who exudes the same ki as Black. Eventually he will meet the Kaioshin Gowasu and the Kaio of the north, Zamasu. Will our heroes learn more about Goku’s doppelganger here?

What happened so far

In his own timeline, Trunks has managed with his new strength to prevent the demon Boo from awakening. But the calm did not last long. A mysterious new enemy emerged that looked terribly like Goku. When he brought the earth to the brink of annihilation, Trunks had to realize that he cannot save the world on his own. He barely managed to get into a time machine to ask Goku and his friends for help in the present.

Of the total 131 episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”, only 52 have been broadcast in Germany so far with a version dubbed in German (today continues with episode 53). It should be a long snake road until the anime can be seen in its entirety with the German voices of Son-Goku (Stefan Bräuler), Vegeta (Florian Hoffmann) and company.

“Dragon Ball Super: Broly” in the cinema

But Saiyan fans can also look forward to a new adventure in addition to the TV broadcast. On July 30, 2019, the official canon movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” will be screened in select German cinemas as part of the KAZÉ Anime Night. There, the Z-fighters have to deal with the overwhelming Saiyan Broly, who was recruited by the unbearable Freeza. For the German voices of Son-Goku and Vegeta, unlike the series, return speakers Tommy Morgenstern and Oliver Siebeck, known from the time of “Dragon Ball Z”. If the rumors are true, Toei Animation is already working behind the scenes on the next cinematic adventure:

After “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”: Will Goku and company return in a new movie?