Después del anochecer "Lucifer"Finales de temporada: así es como podría continuar en la temporada 5

After dark "Lucifer"Season finale: here’s how it could continue into season 5

After dark "Lucifer"Season finale: here's how it could continue into season 5

The fourth season of “Lucifer” has just come out on Netflix and Amazon and a fifth has yet to be confirmed. But let’s still think about how things could go with the lord of hell.


After Netflix saved the now-canceled fantasy crime series “Lucifer” and produced a fourth season, fans now of course hope after its release (in this country, the episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video) that it will series will not be discontinued immediately, but still. has a longer future ahead of him.

Netflix has yet to announce an extension, but given that the streaming service seems to be very convinced of the format and the interest in the launch of the new episodes was greater than ever, we consider it very likely that “Lucifer” will have at least one more. the fifth season is donated. But what can we expect from this after such a season finale?

Of course there will be spoilers at the end of the fourth season of “Lucifer”!

Devil in hell

The fourth season of “Lucifer” ends unusually emotional and sad. After their victory over the demons of Hell, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) finally confess their love, but that only makes the next parting even more painful. The people of hell now know that the devil had no intention of returning to them. Lucifer now fears that, despite his ban on human possession, they will stalk the earth over and over again or maybe even threaten the life of Chloe, her newborn nephew Charlie, or someone closest to his heart, in order to trap him. . to get there.

Although Chloe begs him to stay, he decides with a heavy heart to leave his existence on earth behind to protect her and to regain his place as ruler on the throne of hell to keep the demons under control. And so we see him in the last shot of the fourth season of “Lucifer”, alone and alone on top of the endless expanse of the underworld. It almost seems like a final, albeit terribly sinister, conclusion to the series’ previous 67 episodes. But the creators certainly don’t want to let everything be so tragic …

Netflix / Amazon

At the end of the fourth season of “Lucifer”, the devil (Tom Ellis) has returned to take his place on the throne of hell.

Knowledge of everyday life in hell

At the beginning of a fifth season of “Lucifer,” everything will definitely not suddenly return to normal. First, it must be discussed how Lucifer and Chloe process separation from each other. and in the process sink completely into pain or perhaps throw yourself into work to distract yourself. Here we were finally able to get a deeper insight into hell and what happened there. (Even if that could, of course, go to the production budget).

Although there have been isolated trips to hell and exemplary torture scenarios that the burning people have imposed on themselves through their own feelings of guilt, exactly how hell is organized and what role the king assumes there has yet to be shown. . Ever since Lucifer turned his back on his hellish life at the beginning of the series, we never saw him in the series doing his actual work, which he did for thousands of years (and which ultimately bored him). The return to everyday life in the midst of suffering and misery could also have a negative impact on Lucifer’s nature and the discovery of his “humanity.”

And even if the authors of the series want to stay true to the previous direction of the series, thanks to the freedom on Netflix, at least in theory, one would have the opportunity to show some of the human abysses in this environment a little more relentlessly ( And maybe there is also the opportunity for a reunion with Running Gag Lee, in case he didn’t get the curve after the last diabolical encounter).

Replacement of the throne of hell?

Then it will be especially exciting to see how Lucifer and Chloe’s paths will cross again, because, just like in season four, the creators shouldn’t delay too long until the dream couple is reunited. Ultimately, Lucifer will surely find a reason to return to earth, or perhaps even be forced to do so. Because even if he now wants to restore law and order to the underworld, there might be some tension between him and his subjects after recent events. Finally, despite his return, they no longer accept his rule and rebel against him.

For Lucifer, a possible permanent solution to avoid this awkward situation would be to find a suitable successor to the throne of hell. However, that should prove extremely difficult, as it has to be an angel, and hardly any of them should willingly take on Lucifer’s job. Perhaps God Himself intervenes at this point, after all, the past has shown that despite his opaque motives, it seems that the best thing for him is Lucifer and Chloe reuniting.

And the others?

With the rest of the set of “Lucifer” figures, the additional journey could unfold in many different directions after much has been half completed here. Linda (Rachael Harris) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) will now initially be busy raising their half-angel child.after they both realized that the best thing for little Charlie was to let him grow up on earth and not in heaven.

And speaking of heaven: In fact, it was about time the creators of “Lucifer” diverted us into the realm of paradise., after this it has only been talked about until now and otherwise we have only seen earth and hell. Maybe it’s that far in season five.

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Eva (Inbar Lavi) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) in the showdown of the fourth season of “Lucifer” (left to right)

Meanwhile, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) could take their love story to the next level and maybe even make it public, while the love story for Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) will likely take a long time to come, after Of all, Eva (Inbar Lavi), whom Maze had an eye on, first dusted herself off to find herself on earth on her own.

Whether we will see her again remains to be seen, but in this context we could also imagine that Eve’s husband, Adam, will not accept his wife’s flight from heaven so easily in the long run and possibly will seek her out, so that the first man created by God in season five may perhaps make his debut in “Lucifer.”

When could season 5 come out?

Given that a fifth season of “Lucifer” has yet to get the green light, as mentioned, it is largely unclear when we can expect further consequences if we prolong it. However, this should no longer be the case before 2020. – unless production has already started in secret.

The first four seasons of “Lucifer” can be viewed in German and English on Amazon Prime Video.