Después de gigantesco "Toy Story 4"- Preventa: los expertos discuten sobre el inicio récord

After gigantic "Toy story 4"- Presale: Experts discuss record start

After gigantic "Toy story 4"- Presale: Experts discuss record start

“A Toy Story: Everything Hears No Command” Set a Record for Pre-Ordering Animated Movies in North America from Day One; this fuels the hope of surpassing the best beginning of an animated film for “Incredibles 2”.

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The question is not whether Disney / Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” will be a huge hit, but how massive it will actually be. In any case, the omens are better than ever. after US movie chains Fandango and Atom Tickets announced that “Toy Story 4” broke the previous record for anticipated sales of animated films this week (within the first 24 hours). So far this has been in the hands of Disney / Pixar’s “The Incredibles 2,” which at $ 182.7 million is still the favorite in terms of best start to an animated movie in North America (after three days) .

But the experts disagree: Deadline cites box office analysts who believe it is possible to break this initial record with figures of up to $ 200 million during the Hollywood reporter currently calculated at 150 million for the opening weekend of June 21, 2019 and expects $ 119 million, which, however, was planned before Fandango’s record.

Until now, the “Toy Story” movies (1995/1999/2010) at the North American box office have grown continuously. – from $ 192 million for “Toy Story” (worldwide: 373 million) to 246 million for “Toy Story 2” (worldwide: 497 million) to 415 million for “Toy Story 3” (worldwide: 1.07 billion).

“Toy Story 4” competes against Tarantino in Germany

In Germany, “Toy Story 4” starts on August 15, 2019 – and then it starts squarely against the famous Sony suspense comedy “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” from master director Quentin Tarantino – what a pointless box office duel. In this country, the number of visitors to “Toy Story” is good to very good, but not as outstanding as in the United States and Canada. “Toy Story” had 2.6 million viewers, “Toy Story 2” 2.8 million and “Toy Story 3” then “only” 1.6 million.

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