Después "Víspera de Todos los Santos" y "Juego de niños": Se acerca el próximo remake de terror de culto, ¡este año!

After "Hallowe’en" Y "Child’s play": The next cult horror remake is coming, this year!

After "Hallowe'en" Y "Child's play": The next cult horror remake is coming, this year!

Blumhouse has taken over the next horror classic: after “Halloween,” the new edition of the Christmas horror “Black Christmas” will even hit US theaters in 2019. The cast has already been announced and there’s also a lineup.

Paramount Pictures France / Blumhouse Productions

The fact that Blumhouse Productions has numerous projects in the works at the same time is not surprising; after all, genre films, which are relatively cheap and fast-producing, often bring a lot of money to the coffers. For this reason, they like to stick with tried and tested material and not only produce a lot of sequels, but also gradually bring some horror classics to the movies. Because, as has now been revealed, another remake of “Black Christmas” awaits us, very, very soon.

This is what “Black Christmas” is all about

It’s slowly getting quiet at Hawthorne College, because Christmas is just around the corner and of course most of the students want to spend the holidays with their families. Some students stay at their frat house for the holidays, which will soon be their downfall. Because a murderer does mischief on campus and chases young girls. However, they are by no means as helpless as he might think and they soon show the stranger that he has messed with the wrong people.

The predominantly female cast of “Black Christmas” is led by Imogen Poots, whom horror fans already know from “28 Weeks Later” or “Green Room.” Also included are Brittany O’Grady (“Star”), Lily Donoghue (“Jane The Virgin”), Caleb Eberhardt (“Happy!”) And newcomer Aleyse Shannon, who made their debut in front of the camera in the new edition of “Charmed”. it gave.

Second remake after 2006

Bob Clark’s 1974 “Black Christmas”, which incidentally was initially called “Jessy – The Stairway to Death” in Germany, was reprinted 13 years ago, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Fargo”) and Katie Cassidy, among others (” Arrow “) and Michelle Trachtenberg (” Buffy “). However, the film was not very well received by critics and it was not exactly a box office success, with a gross of 21.5 million dollars worldwide.

For the 2019 version, directed by filmmaker Sophia Takal (“Always Shine”), the chances are probably better, simply because producer Jason Blum has obviously figured out the formula for a successful horror film, at least that’s been proven in the last few years, when he took us to film series like “The Purdge”, “Insidious” and “Paranormal Activity”. With “Halloween” he also recently showed that he knows how to revive horror icons with flying colors. Michael Myers’ celebrated comeback grossed more than $ 255 million worldwide.

Consequently, the short-term announcement now comes confidently, that “Black Christmas” should hit US theaters on Friday, December 13, 2019. There is no release date in Germany yet, but a first poster for the film:

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