Después "IO" y "Espejo negro": "Vengadores 4"-La estrella Anthony Mackie hace la próxima película de ciencia ficción para Netflix

After "IO" Y "Black mirror": "Avengers 4"-Star Anthony Mackie Makes Next Netflix Sci-Fi Movie

After "IO" Y "Black mirror": "Avengers 4"-Star Anthony Mackie Makes Next Netflix Sci-Fi Movie

Anthony Mackie takes on another lead role in a sci-fi project for Netflix. In the action movie “Outside The Wire”, the well-known star of “Avengers: Endgame” plays the main role.

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Anthony Mackie plays a drone pilot who is sent to a dangerous military zone in the future sci-fi action movie “Outside The Wire.” There, under the guidance of an android officer, he is supposed to track down a device with great destructive power before it falls into the wrong hands.

The director is the Swedish Mikael Håfström, known for the films “Derailed”, “Room 1408” and “Escape Plan”, among others. He has directed numerous episodes of the acclaimed series “Bloodline” for Netflix.

Mackie’s fourth sci-fi role for Netflix

Anthony Mackie is also very familiar with the streaming service, especially when it comes to science fiction. The actor, known as the Hawk of the Marvel Universe, had a lead role for Netflix in the much-discussed sci-fi movie “IO,” which has been available there since early 2019. He can also be seen in one of three new episodes. of “Black Mirror” that just appeared on Netflix: in “Striking Vipers”.

But that is not all. When the second season of “Altered Carbon” launches on Netflix in the course of 2019, Anthony Mackie can also be seen in a lead role.

“Outside The Wire” should be filmed from August 2019 and then appear in 2020 on Netflix.

“Altered Carbon”: Netflix confirms second season with “Avengers” star in lead role