Después "John Wick 3" proviene "bailarina": De esto se trata el spin-off femenino

After "John wick 3" comes from "dancer": This is what the female spin-off is all about

After "John wick 3" comes from "dancer": This is what the female spin-off is all about

About two years ago it was announced that the world of “John Wick” would expand to include a spin-off called “Ballerina.” “John Wick: Chapter 3” gives us the first clues. Don’t worry, no spoilers!

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In 2017 the Hollywood reporterthat Lionsgate wants to expand the universe of “John Wick” with the spin-off “Ballerina.” Since then there has been no more news from this front – with “John Wick: Chapter 3” changing now. In the movie we get an explanation of the title of the spin-off, among other things.

While John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is on the run, he turns to two women from his past, as the trailer already revealed. One is called The Director (Anjelica Huston) and she runs a ballet school that teaches much more than dancing. In “John Wick 3” we learn a lot about this school between the lines, which we don’t want to reveal here for spoiler reasons, and now we’re sure: The protagonist of the spin-off “Ballerina” also comes from this school, the introduction of this location is already an anticipation of the next film. It also has to do with a screenwriter and his “Cinderella” story, which began as an intern with an “Avengers: Endgame” star.

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A dancer in “John Wick 3”: It is no coincidence …

The script for the spin-off, now called “Ballerina,” comes from Shay Hatten, who sold it to “John Wick” production company Lionsgate at the age of 23, and thus really began her Hollywood career. Until then, he had worked as an intern at the “Iron Man” production company Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey. In the afternoons after work he would write scripts. One of them is “dancer”.

“Ballerina”: great action and a murderous town

At the center of Hatten’s original script that circulated on the internet a character named Rooney Brown who kills for the first time at the age of six. When he ends up at the orphanage, he continues to hone his skills there. It becomes the government’s killing machine. But he falls in love and has doubts about whether he can trust his client and if he really only deals with the bad guys. When she also kills the daughter of the leader of a Swiss Alpine village that has only professional killers as residents, everyone is after her. Rooney only has one option: she has to kill the whole town (!) Herself …

In terms of content, it doesn’t sound particularly groundbreaking, but let’s be honest: How does an equally short summary of the content on “John Wick” sound? And so, Hatten’s crisp, less than 100-page script is not celebrated in the industry because of the story. But because it contains sensational action scenes that already take your breath away in the description. Plus, it really gets the reader and hopefully the moviegoer to cheer on its protagonist.. That’s why Lionsgate and “John Wick” mastermind Chad Stahelski were so excited about Hatten’s script.

From fellow to author of “John Wick 3”

Stahelski brought Shay Hatten directly on board for the young shooting star to support him as an additional author on “John Wick: Chapter 3,” and certainly not without ulterior motives. Because “Ballerina” became a spin-off of “John Wick,” the young author was allowed to incorporate small references to his spin-off while working on the continuation of the story with Keanu Reeves.. The “orphanage” in which the protagonist of “Ballerina”, Rooney Brown, grows up and is formed, is probably the same ballet academy that we know in “John Wick 3”. In the spin-off we’ll probably find out more about what women learn besides dancing. Chad Stahelski has already indicated and confirmed in various interviews that Of course, it is no coincidence that a ballet academy occurs precisely when a spin-off called “Ballerina” is being prepared..

Of course, Hatten’s “Ballerina” also fits perfectly into the world of John Wick. Just take the killer alpine village. It should be very easy to transfer this to the “Wick” mythology and then be subordinate to the Upper House. Maybe it’s a resting place for professional killers who need a break? Where murderers run entire hotels, why not a town where there are no longer “normal” people by their side?

“John Wick: Kapitel 3” will be shown in theaters today from May 23, 2019. The spin-off has no date yet.

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