Después "Club de lazos rojos" proviene "Lo mas importante en la vida": ¡VOX tiene un nuevo éxito de serie!

After "Red ribbons club" comes from "The most important thing in life": VOX has a new serial hit!

After "Red ribbons club" comes from "The most important thing in life": VOX has a new serial hit!

The VOX production “Club der Roten Bänder” was a huge success for the station, and a prequel film was recently released. Now the new series “The Most Important Things in Life” has begun, and the ratings suggest another success.


In 2015, VOX started the first season of the Spanish-produced drama series “Club de las Cinta rojas”, which in the following years not only became a great success, but also became a prestigious object for the chain private thanks to numerous awards. After three seasons, the series about the friendship of seriously ill children and adolescents ended in 2017, and of course VOX has been searching for a successor ever since.

The first attempt was made in 2018 with “Milk & Honey” through a male escort service, but the comedy series failed. Production number three of VOX began yesterday, Wednesday, June 5, 2019 with “The Most Important in Life,” and at least the ratings for the first two episodes give hope for another successful series.that you can follow the great steps of the “Club de las Cintas Rojas” (via DWDL).

The opening sequence, aired without advertising from 8.15pm, achieved a good market share of 7.7 percent and a total audience of 1.16 million in the target group aged 14 to 49 years. Of course, that does not mean that “The Most Important Thing in Life” will be a success, But one thing above all gives hope: the second episode, which is screened from 9:00 p.m., even increased the quotas., gathered 1.47 million viewers in front of the television. A solid 9 percent market share was achieved in the target group. So it seems that the beginning of the series was very well received by the VOX audience.

This is “the most important thing in life”

The focus of the new series is on Kurt (Jürgen Vogel) and Sandra Frankhauser (Bettina Lamprecht) and their three children, who are facing turbulent times. The youngest son, Theo (David Grüttner), is about to start school, but one day he decides not to talk anymore. Meanwhile, daughter Luna (Bianca Nawrath) experiences the ups and downs and especially the lows of puberty and first love. And for the oldest in the league, adopted son Philipp (Sidney Holtfreter), the doors to a great basketball career are open, but in reality he dreams of a life as a professional ballet dancer …

The next few weeks will show if “The Most Important Thing in Life” can compete with the “Red Ribbon Club.” The ten episodes of the first season will air on Wednesdays in double episodes on VOX, so it will continue on June 12, 2019.