¡Después de siete años!  Esta popular estrella de GZSZ se va

After seven years! This popular GZSZ star is leaving

After seven years!  This popular GZSZ star is leaving

Oh no!

Oh no, but that’s really a loss for the RTL series! One The GZSZ star reveals that it’s over for him after seven years of GZSZ. And his role is being replaced.

But who is he? It is about Oskar Moreno, played by Lenny Ottl. The little actor confirmed the end of his time at GZSZ on his istagram account and later deleted the post, as reported by TVMovie.

His words

“Dear ones, I was here for the first time almost exactly seven years ago. It was very exciting, so many new faces and so many new impressions. But the shyness immediately disappeared because everyone was very nice to me and treated me incredibly well, ”he writes. And thanks in particular to his father from the series Leon Moreno, played by Daniel Fehlow.

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“Thank you very much because you always allowed me to feel protected with you and because you always encouraged me when I was not in the mood! Thanks for the nice weather and I hope to see you again! “(Awwwwwww!)

That the tiger is leaving is really a shame, because in time you could take the 8-year-old boy with his sweet and innocent nature into your heart. His role will probably not be removed from the script, but by another young actor. replaced. Let’s surprise!

What do you think of Lenny’s departure? Do you think it’s a shame that he’s leaving? Or maybe you were wondering why he played on the series for so many years because he’s in school now too. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.

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