Después de la decisión de casarse: nadie reacciona con tanta frialdad como Arnold Schwarzenegger

After the decision to marry: no one reacts as coldly as Arnold Schwarzenegger

After the decision to marry: no one reacts as coldly as Arnold Schwarzenegger

Like many Facebook users, Arnold Schwarzenegger colored his profile photo in rainbow colors after the United States Supreme Court ruling. When one of his fans didn’t like it at all, the “Terminator” star reacts very well.

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When the United States Supreme Court ruled last week that same-sex marriages should be allowed in every state in the country, several Facebook users expressed their joy and solidarity by displaying their profile photos in the colors of the flag of the United States. rainbow (the international symbol of the LGTB- Movement) colored. Facebook itself even provided a “Celebrate Pride” feature to allow its users to participate in the campaign with just one click.

Many celebrities also did their bit and participated, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose rainbow-colored profile picture shows him in his most famous Terminator role:

published by Arnold schwarzenegger in Friday, June 26, 2015

Although Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California by the conservative Republican Party, this expression of sympathy does not surprise, on the contrary: during his time as a politician, the former Mr. Universe sat repeatedly for the legalization of gay marriage. A (ex) Schwarzenegger fan apparently hadn’t realized this before and commented on the post with the following words: “What’s wrong with you, Arnie? Now I have for you unpleasant… “

Arnie responded to the homophobic nonsense with the only correct answer, that is, with his most legendary screen saying:

With this, Schwarzenegger may have lost a few southern fans, but he will surely have gained many more new fans. The fifth part of “Terminator” will begin in German cinemas on July 9, 2015, and after a hiatus in the film, Schwarzenegger will be there again: