¡Después de la separación de León!  GZSZ-Sophie tiene sexo con Jonas

After the separation from León! GZSZ-Sophie has sex with Jonas

Please that?

+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

Please that? Seriously? A new official RTL photo proves it: GZSZ-Sophie and Jonas end up in bed. Is something serious coming up between them?

You definitely have to look twice at this photo! A new photo on GZSZ’s Facebook account sparks discussions among fans: Sophie and Jonas can be seen, who are about to kiss. The two end up in bed together. But how does this constellation arise? Because actually Sophie and Jonas have absolutely no point of contact between them.

Sophie is in love

Sophie is really bad now. After Leon cheated on her with Maren and is expecting a child with her, her world seems to be turned upside down. When she realizes that she can no longer cope, she finally separates from Leon and strips naked, she only wants one thing: distraction. So he goes to a clubhouse party and drinks one champagne after another, killing himself completely.

When she leaves the party drunk, she meets Leon of all people. Sophie loses her balance and falls. Leon wants to help her, but Sophie doesn’t like her help. Sophie yells at Leon, making him realize that she can do without him.

Jonas saves Sophie

Jonas observes the situation and then takes loving care of Sophie. Because Sophie just doesn’t know where to go – she moved to Leon’s, Emily shouldn’t see her finished. So Jonas takes Sophie home and offers her a place to sleep.

Then the two of them get very close to the bed. Sophie is flattered by Jonah’s care. The two kiss passionately …

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Is something coming up?

Unfortunately, it is not yet known if anything solid will emerge between Sophie and Jonas. However, and this comes as a big surprise, Sophie doesn’t seem to regret the closeness with Jonas so much that she avoids it, as the RTL preview shows.

Because after their night together, Sophie goes to the Spätkauf, where Jonas works. At first, the two of them seem very tense. But when Jonas Sophie sucks, the situation calms down. Sophie responds, “Could you give me a duel? You saw me naked. Jonas has to laugh and Sophie’s tension drops as well.

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Is a relationship between Jonas and Sophie realistic? Probably not, we think! Because: Sophie first has to deal with the separation from Leon, whom she still loves. Also, Jonas is not a relationship person, he wants to vent first. But an affair between the two is conceivable. So Sophie could be distracted from her love affair and Jonas would have fun.

However, what could speak in favor of a relationship is the GZSZ weekly preview spoilers – it shows that even Emily is aware of Sophie’s change of mind, she thinks Sophie might deny her a new relationship. We will have to wait a little longer for the response, because we will only know in the next few days at 7.40 pm RTL.

What do you think of the love between Felix and Sophie? Is that realistic because Sophie is currently very desperate and only craves security in her drunken head? Or do you just find this constellation totally amazing because Jonas is still a kid compared to Sophie? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.