Después de este "Rambo 5"-Trailer: Es por eso que la nueva voz de Sylvester Stallone es una excelente elección

After this "Rambo 5"-Trailer: That’s why Sylvester Stallone’s new voice is an excellent choice

After this "Rambo 5"-Trailer: That's why the new voice of Sylvester Stallone is an excellent choice

After “Creed II” in the first trailer for “Rambo 5: Last Blood”, we hear again Jürgen Prochnow as the new (and old) German voice of Sylvester Stallone. FILMSTARTS editor Björn Becher is excited.

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Because Thomas Danneberg, the former German voice of, among others, Sylvester Stallone, can no longer sync for health reasons.German dealers are faced with the difficult choice of finding a replacement for this distinctive sound. While Axel Lutter (most recently including Ian McShane in “Hellboy – Call Of Darkness”) was used in the direct-action DVD movie “Backtrace,” Warner relied on Jürgen Prochnow for “Creed II.” An obvious and understandable choice, as we explained back then: After all, Jürgen Prochnow talked about Stallone’s Rocky Balbo in “Rocky” and “Rocky II.”

However, “Creed II” was supposed to be a unique line-up back to the roots, after all Prochnow is not actually a voice actor and has only talked about his roles in America for the last 25 years. Own German version. But now he could really establish himself as Stallone’s German regular cast. At least he talks about it in the trailer for “Rambo: Last Blood” and it has already been confirmed by Universum for the final film. – and that although there is no connection with Rambo as there is with Rocky. Thomas Danneberg has always talked about the Vietnam veteran.

Continuity instead of the original reference

Based on the trailer for “Rambo 5”, I think Prochnow is a very good choice. Of course, this is still a preliminary impression, as it is not the final timing of the film, aside from a mini second, it speaks exclusively from the beginning and you cannot judge that voice in conjunction with Stallone’s performance. But it fits because Prochnow is relatively close to its predecessor Danneberg. Known from movies like “Das Boot” and “Air Force One” Prochnow has the same smoky tone to his voice that Danneberg Stallone gave in Germany.


Jürgen Prochnow (here in “Leander’s Last Voyage”).

This is built on continuity and all viewers may not notice that Stallone has a new voice. In my opinion, Prochnow is also a better option than suddenly trying to get closer to Stallone’s original voice, which differs significantly from the German one, with a different speaker. That would be an unnecessary break. It also helps that Prochnow is relatively new, because the actor, who incidentally stood in front of the camera with Stallone for “Judge Dredd,” doesn’t sync up another 13 stars.

Rambo 5: Last Blood ”will hit theaters on September 19, 2019.. Later we will see if Prochnow also convinces in the film as the German voice of Rambo.

German trailer for “Rambo 5: Last Blood”: Sylvester Stallone with his new voice of dubbing