Después "TKKG" proviene "TKKG 2" - con el "Fantasma en la silla de fuego"?

After "TKKG" comes from "TKKG 2" – with the "Ghost in the fire chair"?

After "TKKG" comes from "TKKG 2" - with the "Ghost in the fire chair"?

At the end of “TKKG” there is an allusion to a legendary TKKG story, and also to the sequel? Probably not, but “TKKG 2” is coming soon anyway.

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“TKKG” has been running in German cinemas since June 6, 2019 and the creators want more. At the same time as the first movie, “TKKG 2” was already in development and will follow on June 18, 2020. That makes perfect sense, after all, young actors age quickly and then stop playing their roles, which is why, for example, “Bibi & Tina” also made four films in rapid succession from 2014 to 2017 (the first two they even premiered the same year).

Whether “TKKG” also gets a third or fourth part, it will certainly depend on how the opening adventure unfolds in theaters and how it is received by the audience. But the second part will be shot shortly and will surely come, so that you can think about it. Finally, at the end of “TKKG” there is apparently a clue. But really only “apparently“Because we are sure that the mythical TKKG story that was teased in the final minutes will not be adapted.

A wizard instead of a ghost

The fact that at the end of “TKKG” the audience finds out that the “ghost in the fire chair” is up to mischief again is one of many little references to Stefan Wolf’s legendary templates. The story of a stranger who throws stones and steel balls at moving cars is the fifth volume of the book templates and also of the radio series, but it is probably not the template for “TKKG 2”. Ultimately, it gives filmmakers more freedom to develop their own story again.which you can then republish separately as a radio play, as in the first movie.

In addition, in an interview with his colleagues Focus: film already reveal that the “dazzling opponents“In the next part the magician will be Santini. There is no such figure in this template (or any other known one), which also makes it clear that a new story will emerge. And that has a special highlight reserved for TKKG fans…

Tim and Gabi as a couple

Because like Thalheim in the interview with Focus: film also promises one “finally reveals what fans always wanted to know: how Tim and Gabi get together! The feelings between the two are hinted at over and over in books and radio plays, but are rarely discussed clearly. And not much happens between them in that sense. It took over 100 episodes before they kissed properly. But there is a wonderful moment in the book “The Ghost in the Fire Chair” mentioned above. In this, Tim and Gabi sit very close to each other and he does not want to change position because he finds it very pleasant.

In the new movie “TKKG”, much to the disappointment of little Karl (Manuel Santos Gelke), it soon becomes clear that there is a lot of spark between Tim (Ilyes Moutaoukkil) and Gabi (Emma-Louise Schimpf). In “TKKG 2” we learn how more of these initial sparks can be produced …

“TKKG” has been running in theaters since June 6, 2019. What we do with it Origin story Find success and where there is still room for improvement, you can read in our FILMSTARTS review.