Informe sobre el SIDA: ¡VIH positivo!

AIDS Report: HIV Positive!

AIDS Report: HIV Positive!

What is HIV

HIV is short for “Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome” and translated means “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” “HIV positive” means that antibodies to the virus have been detected in a person’s blood and that they are infected with the HIV virus. In the 1980s, many infected people died shortly after diagnosis. In the meantime, however, better and better medications are available that can prolong the lives of those affected and delay the onset of AIDS. However, AIDS is still not curable today.

Lena’s story

Lena discovers her friend Jan at the other end of the party room, where she is talking to some people. Jan smiles when he sees Lena and puts his arm around her. He has a glass of cola in his other hand. “Hey, can I have something?” ask him. “Sure, after all you don’t have AIDS”Jan responds. Everyone laughs except Lena. A familiar pain runs through her body. Loud music suddenly hurts your ears. The feeling of loneliness wraps your heart in an icy grip. Lena just wants to go home.

“Everything is alright?” Jan asks. She nods and forces herself to smile. “I’m going, I’m tired”, she gossips and makes her way through the crowd outside. Can’t hold back the tears in front of the door. Jan’s saying caught her frozen. What her boyfriend couldn’t guess at the time: Lena was HIV positive from birth. Jan now knows and the two are best friends. Today I would not say any of that. But then I had no idea. Because Lena keeps her secret well.

HIV and AIDS testing

The fear of being rejected and marginalized is too great. “When I was 15 I chatted with a boy for a few months. We were very close, that’s why I told him about my illness. After that, he never contacted me again. That was bad. “says Lena. When she was five years old, Lena’s health deteriorated dramatically. Every day she grew weak, emaciated, and could almost only lie in bed. The doctors were about to give her up, but Lena’s mother fought bravely. He repeatedly sought out the best doctors, successfully. After five years, they finally found a drug combination that worked. “Your daughter is a medical miracle. Actually, she should have been dead a long time ago. “the doctors said, but Lena struggled to come back to life. How close he has escaped death and what it means to be HIV positive, he only realized when he was 13 years old. “It depressed me especially during puberty. It was difficult for me to approach the boys because I always had in the back of my mind that I would have to tell them at some point. That’s why I didn’t have a boyfriend for a long time ”.Lena says sadly.

Most people know very little about the subject and react with abstinence. Many believe that you can become infected if you shake hands with someone who is infected. A mistake that often makes it difficult for Lena to openly deal with her illness. “I hate this secret, but I have no choice. Legally, I am not even allowed to travel to the United States with an HIV infection. “ Lena was there anyway a year ago. To hide his illness, he disguised his medication as vitamin tablets.

World aids day

Even Lars, who she’s been together with for two years, hasn’t told Lena for a long time. “After three months he asked me why I didn’t want to have sex with him. I came out with the truth ”. But his love was stronger than the fear of AIDS. “That doesn’t change my feelings.”He consoled Lena. “I cried with happiness. Of course we only sleep together with a condom. I am so happy to have it! For the future, I hope my career as a real estate agent will work. I also hope my mom continues to do well. I am not afraid of my own death. After all, I’ve been living with him for as long as I can remember. “

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