Air filter devices for schools and after-school centers?

The second wave of corona pandemic does not stop at the work of the market council. The most recent session was held in the high school auditorium so that safe distances could be observed and all participants wore protective masks. “Corona has us completely under control again,” said Mayor Matthias Klement (CSU). The city council was only able to meet because the committee members were not present.

Altlandkreis is the worst affected area in the district. According to the mayor, there have been 17 corona cases in the Mabach market last week. Masks have been required at the town hall for a week. When the seven-day occurrence exceeds 50 (which is the case now, editor’s note), the town hall will be closed again.

The water stations operate in shifts so that both do not fail and the community’s water supply is in jeopardy. The municipal council approved the purchase of 42 air filters for 21 rooms in the two schools and in the after-school care center with reservation. They are supposed to filter viruses into the air in the room. Each device costs around 350 euros, two are required per room. “The purchase is not in the budget, but there is an urgent need for action,” emphasized Klement. Due to the corona pandemic, schools and after-school care centers need to be ventilated very frequently, which means that room temperatures drop. “It won’t work without ventilation, but the timelines are getting longer,” said the mayor, and Susanne Ziegler (Grne / FBuU, teacher) added: “The device doesn’t change much, but it still makes sense.”

The health department is asked

The Free State only subsidizes this type of device in windowless classrooms, otherwise only the expansion of existing ventilation systems is subsidized. “First ask the health department what they think about it. I don’t think much about history, ”objected Diethard Dittmar (SPD). In order to avoid delays and delivery problems, the city council finally agreed to purchase the equipment immediately if the health department finds it useful. Diethard Dittmar, who also agreed, however, demanded that the health department statement be unequivocal and not say “possibly could possibly”.

The municipal council approved the application to the Lower Franconian government for the implementation of the urban development concept in 2021. The list includes 50,000 euros for a concept of use and planning of the old synagogue, 10,000 euros for the master plan of the site in the old train station (as soon as the property has been purchased), 25,000 euros for a concept for a town square with community center in the district of Volkershausen. and 150,000 euros for the creation of accessibility.

The city council gave its consent to the construction of a tennis court on the grounds of TSV Mabach. It should be 36 by 17.80 meters and 9.32 meters high. The construction is made of aluminum and steel elements, the hall will have a partially transparent sheet roof and will be built on the existing western sand track. mdb