MagentaEins Beta Comeback: 20 euros por internet móvil y conexión fija

Airline number: Telekom prepaid rates continue to be reduced

MagentaEins Beta Comeback: 20 euros for mobile internet and fixed connection

Telekom is improving its prepaid offering, but the really wanted extras are missing. Instead, there is a paid 5G option.

Telekom might have thrown a bang with the prepaid rate update, but in fact, the February update turns out to be more of an air number. In the average rate of € 10 there is only 500 MB more data volume per month. Not exactly an improvement to talk about. Also because Telekom loses additional extras that the competition does not offer. But it doesn’t exist yet on Telekom either. We are talking about VoLTE and VoWiFi, both requested by customers.

Magenta Mobil Prepaid: Telekom does not bring the expected innovations

The hotspot flat rate issue has been clarified and will also be included in the new rates. Unfortunately, this is a small consolation, because this option is no longer a real advantage anyway. Apparently VoLTE for prepaid has been on Telekom’s to-do list for a long time, but there has been no change in this regard. Therefore, there is a lack of high-quality telephony and support for telephony over WLAN is reserved for contract customers.

Far fewer people benefit from the new 5G option.

Finally, when asked, Telekom claimed that existing customers had to initiate the switch to one of the new rates themselves. There is no automatic change. I wrote about it a while ago. When in doubt, you should contact support, who can usually help you quickly.

Telekom details prepaid rates