¡Beso de alarma a Robert!

Alarm kiss to Robert!

Robert Pattinson has been getting calls all day from his “girlfriend” and Twilight colleague Kristen Stewart since the clear photos of the kiss. She is very jealous and would love to see Rob’s every step …

But how do the images come about? It’s not that wild: Robert Pattinson He is currently in the middle of filming his new movie “Remember me“(Hits German cinemas in February 2010) and only had one kiss scene with a film partner Emilie de Ravin.

Although posed kisses are common for an actor, it was Robert Pattinson however, a bit nervous on set: “Rob was a bit paranoid about the kiss scene because so many fans had gathered on set to see it all.! “Reveals a member of the crew of”Remember me“Poor Rob!

Spicy: the beautiful Emilie she has just separated from her husband after three years. Then she would be available again. Will the two stars fall in love after all?

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