Alexa para todas partes: altavoz de eco portátil con batería integrada

Alexa everywhere: portable echo speaker with built-in battery

Alexa everywhere: portable echo speaker with built-in battery

Amazon has unveiled an Alexa mobile speaker that is powered by a moving battery.

Amazon now takes Alexa to all parts of the world. A mobile echo speaker with built-in battery was officially launched in India. In fact, there is a demand for such devices there. For mobility, an echo input was simply made larger so that a 4800 mAh battery could be found inside. The speaker must be able to play music for up to 10 hours at a time and must standby for 11 hours.

Alex goes mobile

Basically, Amazon implements what other manufacturers do in reverse. While some brands are expanding mobile Bluetooth speakers with access to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Amazon is simply making its Echo speakers mobile. I really wouldn’t want to take the smart home speaker with me. But we really like using voice control for music at home.

Amazon has so far not given the prospect of whether the mobile speaker could also make its way to Europe.