Alicia Keys: ¿llegará tu bebé en Nochevieja?

Alicia Keys: will your baby arrive on New Years Eve?

Alicia Keys: will your baby arrive on New Years Eve?

Baby come

wantedthe 10/01/2014 | 12:39

For weeks now, the anticipation of her second baby, Alicia Keys, has been seen from every angle. After all, the singer is not only open to her pregnancy, but even lets her fans get an intimate view of her sweet belly on Facebook. Now Alicia Keys went one step further: on a TV show, she revealed the calculated expiration date.

It’s an open secret that pregnant women radiate happiness from every pore. Alicia Keys also showed a wonderful smile on her face during her appearance on the American TV show “The View” and insisted on talking about the baby’s sewing box. Alicia Keys also openly explained when her little bundle of joy is expected on earth.

Alicia Keys can look forward to a spectacular New Year

And the calculated expiration date has it all: If you believe the singer’s words, Alicia Keys’s child could be born on a very special date. “It seems that everything will arrive in December. They always tell me that I could be born on December 31st. I think it’s a bit cute, “revealed the 33-year-old on the television show.

Alicia Keys: is she a sad mother?

Christmas days should be anything but quiet for Alicia Keys in light of the impending birth. It remains to be seen if the excitement will increase. After all, the “The View” singer made it clear that the experience with her son Egypt, who was born in 2010, had changed a lot. “Being a mother definitely gave me a certain severity and understanding of what I really believe,” explained Alicia Keys.A year could not end better than with the birth of your own child. The turn of the year should definitely be unforgettable for Alicia Keys. We will keep our fingers crossed for her for the remaining weeks!

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