Todas las puertas están abiertas para Harry Styles en Hollywood

All doors are open for Harry Styles in Hollywood

All doors are open for Harry Styles in Hollywood

The dream factory is calling

wantedthe 09/01/2015 | 12:48

Harry Styles is more successful than ever with his band One Direction and easily fills every hallway and stadium. But even for the five boys in the most successful boy group in the world today, their music careers could come to an end one day. It can be an advantage to have another ace up your sleeve. For Harry Styles, Plan B is clearly called Hollywood …

Number 1 on the assembly line, sold-out tours around the world and endless prizes – Harry Styles and his band One Direction achieved it all in the music business at the tender age of 20. So what could be more natural than building a professional second pillar? This shouldn’t be a problem for Harry Styles. If you believe the film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has already made films like “Shakespeare in Love”, “Gangs of New York” or “Django Unchained”, all doors are open to the swarm of teenagers in the Hollywood dream factory . “There is absolutely no doubt that it will enter the movie business. I know for him that he loves it ”, revealed the legend of the cinema to the British tabloid“ The Sun ”.

Harry Styles: Do you dream of Hollywood?

But what makes Harvey Weinstein so confident that Hollywood is the right destination for Harry Styles? It’s simple: the 20-year-old has everything a movie star needs. “When you meet him, you realize that he is very charismatic. He came to our Oscar party last year and I went out to dinner with him after that. I met him two or three times in total and he was very interested and charming. I think he’s a movie star, ”Harvey Weinstein praised Harry Styles in the highest tones.

Harry Styles already had a role offer

If it were up to the producer of the film, Harry Styles should switch to acting today instead of tomorrow. At the moment, however, the singer still seems to focus on music, so he turned down a first offer some time ago. “You don’t even have to audition for me. We offered him a role, but he couldn’t make the movie because the tour was coming up. The amount of money his tour generated is insane, so he has obligations, ”explained Harvey Weinstein. When Harry Styles appears in front of the camera for the first time he seems to be in the stars …Harvey Weinstein’s dedication to luring Harry Styles into one of his sets is understandable. After all, the musician’s collaboration alone should ensure that the film becomes a box office success. But for the moment, the 20-year-old still seems to want to fully focus on One Direction.

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