Todo lo que importa: Hannes Sell refuerza el elenco

All That Matters: Hannes Sell Strengthens The Cast

All That Matters: Hannes Sell Strengthens The Cast

New face

wantedon 05/21/2014 | 14:44

The cast reorganization of “Alles was geht” does not appear to be over yet. After Carlo Degen and Alexander Gier left the hit soap opera yesterday and recently joined Alexander Wüst a new actor, fans of “Alles was geht” can look forward to another new face: Hannes Sell joins series one.

At “Steinkamp Dance Factory,” the center of the “Alles was geht” series universe, things should soon be extremely turbulent. Starting Friday, a new charmer will animate the dance school with dancer Felix Landeck, played by Hannes Sell. With this, the newcomer enters difficult terrain with “Alles was haben”, after all he is still a beginner when it comes to dancing. “I don’t have any dance training, but I have great ambitions. I have always danced in musicals and even at school I did a lot of sports, karate, handball, swimming, and I am passionate about surfing in the Atlantic, ”said Hannes Sell in an interview with RTL.

All That Counts: Hannes Sell Celebrates Debut

But it’s not just the lack of dance training that makes the first steps in “Alles was geht” such a great adventure for Hannes Sell. His role also posed big problems for the actor at first. “In the first weeks I didn’t have the coolness my role needs, but it’s getting better and better. When I saw my first scenes, I wanted to film everything again to make it better, “reported Hannes Sell, who was allowed to play his first major lead role in” Alles was geht. “

All That Counts: Hannes Sell Finds Common Grounds

In the meantime, however, Hannes Sell has been able to swim free on the set of “Alles was geht.” After all, the gallant is aware that no teacher has fallen from the sky yet. “Then I noticed that many colleagues felt the same when they were new. Plus, Felix is ​​a completely different guy from me! My path now is to seek what is common to us, “said Hannes Sell, explaining his current main task in” Alles was geht. “

The first photos of Hannes Sell are definitely very promising. Visually, the 29-year-old goes perfectly with “Everything That Matters.” Now it will be interesting to see how the newcomer performs in action.

Image source: © RTL