Todo lo que importa: la boda de Jenny se convierte en una pesadilla

All that matters: Jenny’s wedding turns into a nightmare

All that matters: Jenny's wedding turns into a nightmare

A shot is fired

Jenny and Deniz’s wedding turns into a nightmare! Drama on the 3,000-year anniversary episode of the RTL series “All That Counts.”

Jenny just doesn’t seem to have any luck with weddings. At her last wedding, her husband fell off a tower and died and his wedding to Deniz will also end catastrophically, as the RTL trailer now shows. A bad dream Jenny had just before the wedding comes true.

And everything is perfectly prepared! The Steinkamp Villa garden is like a fairy tale place, the guests are ready. Minor disturbances due to wedding rings can be resolved quickly.

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A shot is fired

But then the big surprise moment: the guests freeze in hydrochloric acid during the celebration. It turns out that Rottmann escaped from jail and is holding Jenny prisoner. He then takes her to his own wedding reception and shoots himself. It is not yet clear who will be affected. It is also open if there will be a death. But it is revealed that Jenny collapses crying after the shot.

Did Rottmann really hit or shoot Deniz? Or he was after Ben, who put him behind bars and now he’s with his ex-boyfriend Ekaterina. Unfortunately, we will not get the answers until August 15 at 7:05 pm RTL.

What do you think: will there really be a death at the wedding? Or are you sure that everyone will survive despite being shot? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.