Todo lo que importa: ¡Letizia ve a su ignorante padre Maximiliano!

All that matters: Letizia sees her ignorant father Maximiliano!

All that matters: Letizia sees her ignorant father Maximiliano!

New actress

wantedon 03/15/2013 | 12:58

Once again there is a new addition to “Alles was geht”. Jennifer Dessin-Brasching plays Letizia, a talented dancer who emerged from a one-night stand with Maximilian. Due to an argument with her parents, Letizia is looking for her biological father, who is initially one thing above all: Shocked!

Starting today, a new actress can be seen in “Alles was geht.” Letizia, a classy dancer, is the adult daughter of Maximilian, who the viewers of “Alles was geht” still knew nothing about. Letizia is 20 years old and came out of Maximiliano’s previous one-night stand – then the resolution. At the age of 17, Maximiliano had sex as a stable boy in Argentina, sex without commitment that ultimately resulted in a boy.

All that matters: Letizia is the new face

Maximiliano’s unwanted son and his one-night stand at the time is called Letizia and he has previously lived with his mother in Buenos Aires. After newcomer Letizia, “Alles was geht”, got into a fight with her parents over her dream of completing her dance training in New York, she sees her only way out turning to her biological father Maximilian. Letizia looks for her father in “Alles was haben” in the hope that he will make her dance training possible. When Letizia unexpectedly appears at Maximilian’s in Essen, the amazement is great. However, Maximiliano can get something positive out of all this!

All that matters: Letizia feels very comfortable on set

Letizia is a strong dancer who creates excitement at the new “Steinkamp Dance Factory”. Actress Jennifer Dessin-Brasching aka Letizia had no acting experience prior to “Alles was haben.” Until now she has worked as a dancer in music videos and shows. Nonetheless, Jennifer Dessin-Brasching made filming “All That Matters” fun.: “I feel totally at home on the set, I look forward to the scenes I film, the development I do here and I recognize myself,” said the talented dancer. After all, Jennifer can really use her dancing talent on the soap opera, which should explain her enthusiasm for acting. Although Letizia plays a classy dancer on the show, she is “quite shy and reserved” in real life. Yet she says, “But I feel totally comfortable and accepted with ‘All That Matters.” And that’s the most important!

Another new face for “Everything that counts”. Tonight should be exciting when Letizia meets her biological father for the first time. Maximilian’s jaw will surely drop. It will be fun!Image Source: (c) RTL / Kai Schulz