Todo lo que importa: ¿Simone Steinkamp morirá?

All That Matters: Will Simone Steinkamp Die?

All That Matters: Will Simone Steinkamp Die?

Drama about Simone!

wanted04/26/2013 | 12:35

The next great drama emerges in “Alles was geht”: Simone Steinkamp disappears without a trace after a walk by the sea, then a Leicht is discovered. Simone Steinkamp dies serially?

Great excitement guaranteed: Simone Steinkamp has just found her new love with David M. Degen in “All That Counts,” when a terrible accident seems to happen. Simone Steinkamp, ​​played by Tatjana Clasing in “Everything was count,” is enjoying a romantic North Sea vacation with her lover, but never returns after a lonely walk on the marshes., as RTL now revealed.

All That Matters: Will Simone’s Love For David Be Fatal?

Is it possible that Simone Steinkamp drowned? Her family and her new boyfriend, played by Andreas Hofer, leave nothing to be desired in finding the head of the Steinkamp clan. Finally, the Coast Guard finds a body. The station did not announce if it is really about Simone Steinkamp and if she dies in the series “Alles was geht.” Soap fans fear for Simone Steinkamp!

“All That Counts”: Will Things Continue Without Simone Steinkamp?

After all, Simone Steinkamp has been with the audience since the first episode of “Everything That Counts” and with her intrigues, love affairs and family dramas she is always great audience entertainment. It is not known if the creators of “Alles was geht” really want to give up this lead role or if actress Tatjana Clasing has grown tired of “Alles was geht” after seven years. If Simone Steinkamp really is drowning in the North Sea and doesn’t come back from a love holiday with David, or if there’s still a happy ending, fans of “Alles was geht” won’t know until June 13, when the Gripping episodes will air on RTL. Until then, they have to be patient.

We really can’t imagine “all that counts” without Simone Steinkamp, ​​after all, she’s one of our favorites on the show. We will definitely sit in front of the TV to see if “All That Counts” really has to go on without Simone Steinkamp.

Image Source: (c) RTL / Kai Schulz