Todos los datos sobre la selección alemana

All the facts about the German national team

All the facts about the German national team

P – Prize money: For reaching the final, the two finalists receive in any case 4.5 million eurosthan for the European champion again 7.5 million euros increase. In general, the future European champion can, if he wins all group games, a cash prize of 23 million euros to receive. But not only the German Football Association also wins Poldi, Schweini and Co. could do a lot to beat: if they win the title, all German players 250,000 euros transferred.

A – Offside: Probably the most difficult and most discussed rule in football: A player is offside if all of the following conditions are met: An attacking player is in the opposite half and closer to the opposite goal line than the ball . At most one opposing player – who is the goalkeeper in most cases, but can also be an outfield player: he is closer to the opposing goal line than the attacking player. The moment the ball is released is decisive for offside. on Lake Maggiore in Italian-speaking Switzerland, a truly elegant shop that will cost the DFB just 900,000 euros until the weekend of the final. The kicking girls aren’t that popular here, though, and the players’ wives only come for a short visit.

E – Penalty shootout: it’s only from the Quarter finals if there is no winner after normal playing time of 90 minutes and after overtime (2x 15 minutes). Then 5 players per team participate in the penalty shoot-out. If it is still a tie after that, another shooter per team has to play, until a decision is made.

I – The international experience of our boys in the main tournaments: most of our kickers have already participated in at least one European Championship or World Cup. It is the first championship on the international stage for only seven of the 23 players: Rene Adler (Bayer Leverkusen), Robert Enke (Hannover 96), Clemens fritz (Werder Bremen), Heiko Westermann (Schalke 04), Simon Rolfes (Bayer Leverkusen), Piotr Trochowski (HSV) and Mario Gomez (VfB Stuttgart). Good luck!

S – Television broadcast times: Preliminary round matches are always at 18:00 and 20:45, except for the third match. Both group games will start at 8.45pm at the same time. Starting with the quarter-finals, all matches will take place at 8:45 p.m. (ARD and ZDF alternate). Click to access the EM schedule!

T – Technical team: national coach Jogi Löw, assistant coach Hansi Flick, goalkeeping coach Andi Köpke

E – Substitutions: Each team can change three times per game. If another player is injured after that, ten team members must continue playing. Six-Packs: While most crispy kickers have some decent six-packs, we’ll probably see them very rarely, unfortunately. Why taking off his shirt, for example when celebrating a goal, is prohibited and is sanctioned with a yellow card. But there is still the exchange of shirts after the game. Fortunately!

C – Christiano Ronaldo, Portuguese international: He has nothing to do with our national team, but he is THE sweetheart of Euro 2008 and we wouldn’t mind if he went on a goal search for Germany.