Alyssa Milano en la felicidad familiar

Alyssa Milano in Family Happiness

Alyssa Milano in Family Happiness

Family happiness

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Alyssa Milano gave birth to her second child last week and happily announced the arrival of the new human. The actress and her husband David Bugliari are very proud of their offspring and keep the family and fans updated on family happiness through Instagram.

Alyssa Milano introduces her children …

Last Thursday was very special for Alyssa Milano: on September 4, 2014, her daughter saw the light! He is the second child of the beautiful brunette and her husband David Bugliari. The couple already have their three-year-old son Milo Thomas, who has now had a brother with Elizabella Dylan. According to “People,” the baby weighed 3.4 kilograms and was 19 inches tall when she was born. Both mother and daughter are long after birth. The former “Charmed” actress posted a photo of the hospital on Instagram, in which she is visibly exhausted but happily holding her daughter in her arms. Meanwhile, Milo Thomas is also meeting his little sister. Alyssa Milano also posted a sweet snapshot on Instagram showing very familiar brother and sister.

… Each other

Alyssa Milano introduces herself to her children

Alyssa Milano posted a cute black and white photo of her two children, in which Milo Thomas has his sister on his lap and holds her tiny feet in his hand. You can’t see the faces of the two, but the snapshot still looks incredibly cute. Alyssa Milano posted the following comment on the photo: “Milo meets his little sister for the first time.” In any case, the two seem to get along. Unlike other famous mothers, the actress does not worry about quickly losing the pregnancy pounds. “Bild” quotes the 41-year-old man with the words: “A woman’s body is not meant to look good in a bikini. He intends to bring a baby into the world and then be a welcoming company for the little one. “ With the environment, you can definitely enjoy your baby’s happiness in a relaxed way.

Alyssa Milano is delighted to have given birth to her happy and healthy daughter. Even during pregnancy, the actress could hardly believe her luck and kept her fans posted. The joy of communicating will certainly continue in the future. We are grateful for these beautiful photos!

Source of Image 1: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain Source of Image 2: Instagram / Alyssa Milano