Amal Alamuddin: ¿Celosa de Julia Roberts?

Amal Alamuddin: Jealous of Julia Roberts?

Amal Alamuddin: Jealous of Julia Roberts?

George trouble

wantedon 05/20/2015 | 09:47

It’s a widespread rumor that Amal Alamuddin struggles a bit with her husband George Clooney’s well-known wives. Now the star lawyer is said to have been plagued with jealousy again, as George Clooney is currently filming with his good friend Julia Roberts. That’s why Amal Alamuddin apparently didn’t hesitate for a second to accompany George Clooney to the set …

Amal Alamuddin watches over George Clooney

What about the relationship between Amal Alamuddin and Julia Roberts? Since Amal’s wedding to George Clooney in September 2014, the two women shouldn’t have been very fond of each other. Is it about Amal Alamuddin? jealous the actress who has been friends with George Clooney for decades?

As “celebdirtylaundry” now reports, it is Amal Alamuddin George Clooney has now even traveled to New York Cityso she wouldn’t have to take her eyes off him for a second while working on the movie “Money Monster.” After all turn George Clooney with Julia Roberts – and in quite a few movies the two have already acted as lovers. Amal Alamuddin obviously doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Amal Alamuddin: You don’t trust George Clooney?

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are good friends

“Amal attacked the set with her parents Baria and Ramzi and her sister Tala,” a source told Globe magazine about Amal Alamuddin’s alleged bout of jealousy. While George Clooney is under 24/7 surveillance, Julia Roberts is “totally upset by his wife’s visits, which interrupt filming.”. “Everyone has to stay still while Amal goes out with George and that drives Julia Roberts crazy,” continues the source about the alleged dispute between Julia Roberts and Amal Alamuddin. The beautiful actress is said to have already complained to the film crew.

Confidence is good, control is better? That doesn’t really sound like a laid back shoot. Perhaps Amal Alamuddin should keep in mind that SHE is married to George Clooney and not Julia Roberts. And if you catch a movie star, you should expect him to meet other women from time to time …

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