Amanda Bynes ha tocado fondo

Amanda Bynes has hit rock bottom

Amanda Bynes has hit rock bottom


wantedthe 11/06/2014 | 11:55

She was once the role model for many girls, but now Amanda Bynes seems to be just a shadow of herself. Amanda Bynes now threatens her parents after being released early from the mental hospital.

It’s terrifying what drugs, alcohol, and the desire for approval can do to a person. Amanda Bynes can sing a song about it, because she was once a celebrity star who is now only around with negative headlines in the media. After numerous scandals, Amanda Bynes was admitted to a psychiatric ward a few weeks ago and her parents assumed guardianship of their 28-year-old daughter.

Amanda Bynes is in big trouble

When the end of his therapy was imminent, the clinic obtained an extension of his treatment in court. This request was followed up and Amanda Bynes would remain under the care of the doctors for an additional 17 days. The hope of the family and the fans was great that he would find his way to a sensible life again during this time. Now everything turned out differently and Amanda Bynes seems to have reached her lowest point.

Amanda Bynes takes drastic measures

Despite the court ruling, the former child star prematurely stopped psychiatric treatment. Amanda Bynes now seems to be at a point where she no longer wants to be told and now wants to force an end to the guardianship as well. As famous blogger Perez Hilton reports on his website, Amanda is now supposed to send death threats to her parents in order to become independent again. An incredible step that Amanda Bynes is said to have taken here, but she appears to have accomplished it – her mother is supposed to think about complying with her daughter’s demands and even moving to Texas.

If Amanda Bynes really threatens her parents, that’s probably the point where she can’t sink any further. No one can imagine what is going on inside her, but her soul seems to have suffered a lot in recent years. We can only wish Amanda Bynes and her parents to meet again and find a way to help Amanda. Image Source: Getty Images / Kevin Winter