Amanda Bynes sigue chocando

Amanda Bynes keeps crashing

Amanda Bynes keeps crashing


wantedon October 29, 2014 | 12:17

Many child stars have had to learn what it feels like when the media is no longer interested in the face that was once requested. This is what happened to Amanda Bynes, who for several years has made a name for herself with scandals instead of movies. But now Amanda Bynes seems to have completely lost control.

She was celebrated, admired, and loved, but suddenly Amanda Bynes had nothing but her fortune and dubious acquaintances. After her success in “She`s the Man” or “What Girls Want”, Amanda Bynes lost control of herself and her life and went from one scandal to another.

Amanda Bynes continues to receive psychiatric care

After binge drinking, various cosmetic surgeries, and reports of a robbery, Amanda surprised Bynes some time ago by accusing her father of sexual abuse. The 28-year-old later dropped this accusation, but explained it with the vague reason that a microchip had been implanted in her brain. More recently, Amanda Bynes surprised Bynes when she announced her engagement to a teenager.

Amanda Bynes is “very sick”

All these and other disturbing events led her parents to admit Amanda Bynes to the mental institution. As “TMZ” reports, the former child star has been cared for there for 17 days, but her condition has not changed. In order to treat her further, the clinic even went to a judge because Amanda was “very ill.” An extension of the treatment for another month was agreed, so that the doctors still have time to put Amanda Bynes back on the right track.

The child star club that can’t cope with lack of success has gained another member in Amanda Bynes. We can only hope that Amanda Bynes is better in the future and that she realizes that the scandals will definitely not bring her any more serious offers.

Image Source: Getty Images / Katy Winn