Amanda Seyfried: ¿Está saliendo con Thomas Sadoski?

Amanda Seyfried: Are you dating Thomas Sadoski?

Amanda Seyfried: Are you dating Thomas Sadoski?

Is there something going on?

Amanda Seyfried is single again after a two-year relationship since last year. But the status of the Hollywood star’s relationship may change soon because, according to insiders, there will be a new man in her life: her co-star Thomas Sadoski.

Amanda Seyfried has been associated with several household names in the past: Desmond Harrington, Dominic Cooper, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ryan Phillippe, to name a few. After splitting from fellow actor Justin Long, she was single again for half a year. But there seems to be more rumors about a relationship with his film partner Thomas Sadoski – apparently, there is more than a collegiate working relationship between the two. They met a year ago when they were on stage together in the Off-Brodway production “The Way We Get By.” According to “Us Weekly,” the two have had a deep friendship ever since, but when they meet again, it should have creaked a lot.

The two stars have been together in front of the camera for the drama “The Last Word” for several weeks. A source told Us Weekly: “Amanda and Thomas are definitely dating. She is no longer single. ” According to the magazine, the actors appeared at the scene together and were seen playing with Seyfried’s dog, Finn. According to “Peolpe,” the two were seen holding hands on the set in Pasadena.

Are they really lovers?

But who is Thomas Sadoski really? The 39-year-old is best known for his role on the HBO series “The Newsroom.” In October 2015, he announced his separation from his wife Kimberly Hope, with whom he had been married for eight years. The spicy: Amanda Seyfried broke up with her partner a month earlier, just a coincidence? Gossips say otherwise, but a relationship between the two has yet to be confirmed.

We are excited to see how the story between Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski will unfold, and will of course continue to report on it.

Image Source: Jun Sato / Getty Images, Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images