Amazfit X con una pantalla OLED curva llegará en abril

Amazfit X: the smartwatch with a tilted screen is coming soon

Amazfit X with a curved OLED screen will arrive in April

Amazfit wants its curved X-Smartwatch to be mass-produced next year.

Amazfit has promised the future of these devices with its X-Smartwatch, but production won’t start until next year. Now it will be a bit more specific, however, the Amazfit X with its flexible and curved AMOLED screen may go into mass production in the spring of next year. Definitely in 2020, that’s for sure.

Amazfit X: future of smart wristwatches?

Amazfit at least announces that it would like to present its own smartwatches at CES in Las Vegas. X is supposed to be part of it, the smartwatch is basically the most advanced model of the Huami brand. With such small devices, it is mainly difficult to accommodate batteries, which cannot simply be folded.

We rarely see a screen diagonal of more than 2 ″ on these devices. That also speaks for Amazfit X. In any case, we will stick with the story. Lenovo had shown similar prototypes years ago.

Amazfit X promises to be the future of smartwatches