Amazon: la empresa de venta por correo online quiere desesperadamente ganar un Oscar y 16 candidatos al año deberían juzgarlo

Amazon: Online mail-order company desperately wants to win an Oscar and 16 nominees a year should judge it

After Amazon first entered serial production and now film production as well, the goal is to aim high. Among other things, he is scheduled to win an Oscar as soon as possible.

Amazon Studios

After series of internal productions such as “Hand Of God”, “Bosch”, “Transparent” or, more recently, “The Man In The High Castle”, the online mail order company Amazon has just published “Chi-Raq” Spike Lee’s first major feature film on his own US video platform. It was also screened in theaters at the same time and is therefore rated for the Oscars. A strategy that is going to be expanded so that a golden boy can also win as soon as possible.

Like Amazon boss Jeff Bezos in an interview with the newspaper The world revealed that after winning Golden Globes and Emmy, the stated goal is to get an Oscar. They want to produce 16 movies a year for this. The mail-order business has already founded its own movie studio in Los Angeles and wants to attract big names. They want to offer teachers like Spike Lee or Woody Allen (who is developing a series for Amazon) a new platform, Bezos told the world. He also has a reason for these filmmakers to go to Amazon instead of one of the classic movie studios: “We are able to give these experts creative control and above all a lot of freedom.

There is currently a heated debate in the United States about whether Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” and especially “Beasts Of No Nation”, Netflix’s most prestigious feature film, an Amazon competitor to date, have outsider opportunities in the race for the Oscars. Some experts suspect that movies on VoD platforms, regardless of their quality, currently have no chance of receiving Academy Awards. Because many of the more conservative and long-established Oscar voters are critical of parallel publishing online and in movies.