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Amazon Prime Video wants to offer live linear television

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Prime Video and linear television go hand in hand, according to Amazon. The company is now developing a new product that will soon be able to offer live TV.

The strategy around Amazon Prime Video doesn’t always seem very clear. First you get bigger in the Champions League and currently showcase Bundesliga and NFL games, but then you stay out of auctions for the next few years of the Bundesliga. Does Amazon want to offer live TV now or not? Basically that seems to be the plan. But soccer doesn’t necessarily have to play a big role.

Live TV is a big topic for Amazon

Now there are more suggestions for more live TV on Amazon. Among other things, Amazon has activated several job offers, but for the moment in the US market. What’s exciting is that Amazon is clearly talking about wanting to build an additional linear TV area for Prime Video. Even if people like to say otherwise, classic television is not dead.

Linear (24/7 TV or radio programming) is one of the most important options for Prime Video customers. At Prime Video Catalog, we are developing next-generation linear catalog systems to provide Prime Video customers with a first-class linear TV experience. It’s day 1 for the linear TV experience on Prime Video.

Linear TV allows customers to watch 24/7 broadcasts of their favorite TV stations that broadcast shows like sports, news, movies, awards, special events, and TV shows. – Linkedin / Protocol

The Fire TV interface already offers its own area for live TV, but with a reference to the corresponding apps like Zattoo and Waipu. At some point, Amazon’s own program could run there. Football doesn’t even have to be left out, because DAZN (Bundesliga, Champions League) sub-licenses are also conceivable in my opinion.

Aside from job openings, Amazon has yet to comment on its plans.