Amber Heard deja caer las mantas

Amber Heard drops the blankets

Amber Heard drops the blankets

The dream of men

wantedon November 19, 2014 | 11:00

Seeing top model Amber Heard, not only her fiancé Johnny Depp should get sexy: the blonde was only photographed in her underwear for the Russian edition of “GQ” magazine. Hot, hotter, Amber Heard!

Amber Heard catches the eye of men

It has long been no secret that Amber Heard received lavish consideration for her sensuality; After all, the model has been the new woman next to Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp for a few months for a reason. The two lovebirds, who rarely appear together in public, have even gotten engaged. But Johnny Depp really doesn’t have to hide his Amber Heard!

As the current cover of the Russian men’s magazine “GQ” shows, Amber Heard has what it takes to get the attention of every man on earth. Wrapped in black lace lingerie with high-waisted straps and knickers and seductive smoky eyes, Amber Heard reminds us of a very specific sex symbol from the 1950s: with unfinished blonde curls and kissable red mouth, Amber Heard could easily pass as a double for Marilyn Monroe.Amber Heard: is she the new Marilyn?

Amber Heard with a Marylin look

There are many reasons to be jealous of Johnny Depp, but Amber Heard is the unbeatable number one. After this sexy cover shoot, men all over the world are likely to crave the blonde. But the beautiful actress belongs to only one man; After all, the 28-year-old has been engaged to her Hollywood colleague for almost a year. It is not yet known when the wedding bells will finally ring for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.. In view of the Russian “GQ” cover, we can only advise Johnny Depp to do it quickly!

How about Amber Heard’s sexy pin-up look? Can you finally understand Johnny Depp, or are you still mad after this cover photo that he broke up with his childhood girlfriend Vanessa Paradis? At least the male viewer should understand Johnny’s decision for Amber Heard at the sexy sight.

Image sources: Image 1: gettyimages / Michael Buckner Image 2: GQ Russia