American Idol: Fernanda Brandao tiene faltas con activistas por los derechos de los animales

American Idol: Fernanda Brandao has fouls with animal rights activists

American Idol: Fernanda Brandao has fouls with animal rights activists

DSDS: the jury is in trouble

wantedthe 09/15/2010 | 10:45

The new DSDS jury wants to build a hotel. Bad luck: 50 wild dogs live on the property. Now there are problems with activists for animal rights.

Fernanda Brandao is in trouble

It will soon be that moment again: Germany is looking for the superstar again. Along with singer Patrick Nuo and pop titan Dieter Bohlen, the beautiful “Hot Banditos” singer Fernanda Brandao will be on the jury for the new season of DSDS this time. She is looking forward to her new job at DSDS and expects “big surprises”. This will always be a visual highlight.

Besides music, DSDS jury member Fernanda Brandao also has other interests: the 27-year-old Brazilian wants to build a party hotel for young people from all over the world near Rio de Janeiro. Construction may start soon, the property has been bought and the plans are ready, but there is a problem: animal rights activists want to frustrate Fernanda Brandao because there are around 50 wild dogs on the property. These would be in danger from the construction of the hotel.

The DSDS jury said: “I love dogs, but I also want to build my hotel. I will not let my dream be forbidden. I offered to build an enclosure to take care of the dogs. But the authorities are stubborn. “

It remains to be seen if Fernanda Brandao will decide not to build the hotel to love animals. We will keep you informed.

Image source: gettyimages