La cadena de hamburguesas más popular de Estados Unidos llega a Alemania

America’s most popular hamburger chain arrives in Germany

America's most popular hamburger chain arrives in Germany

Five-Guys arrives in Munich

Now it has been confirmed: Five-Guys will arrive in Munich, according to, in the summer of 2018. It is not yet known exactly where the most popular fast food chain in the United States will open its doors in Munich. And the head of Five Guys Germany does not want to reveal more details. What is known is that they are currently negotiating with three towns and that it should be a very frequented area.

Munich is now definitely the second location for the American burger chain in Germany after Frankfurt. The first german Branch “Five Guys” in Frankfurt it’s in the Open Zeil shopping street at number 127 next to the Hauptwache. The only question is whether there will be another branch, because originally there were two or three locations. Düsseldorf and Cologne have good chances.

So we can’t wait to try these delicious burgers and quirky milkshakes in Munich and we’re guaranteed to try our range once.

Luxury burger from “Five Guys” soon in Germany

For everyone who “Five guys” I don’t know: it’s an American fast food chain that, according to a survey America’s most popular hamburger chain it is. Not surprising, because they don’t rely on flabby burger rolls, wafer-thin meat patties, and a lettuce leaf like McDonald’s or Burger King (even if we love them so much in between). No, these are very thick, juicy, and richly covered burgers that are made with fresh ground beef. The burger selection itself is smaller than at McDonald’s or Burger King, because only the classics are available here: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Bacon Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger and these in two different sizes. But a positive point of “Five Guys” is that the guest Sauces and vegetables in the burger itself. However, the burgers are also slightly more expensive than those of the two competitors.