Entre otras de Netflix y Amazon: 4 series populares vendidas

Among others from Netflix and Amazon: 4 popular series sold

Among others from Netflix and Amazon: 4 popular series sold

It’s over for four popular series. In addition to streaming giants Netflix and Amazon, US broadcaster SyFy also canceled two of its shows.

Netflix / Amazon

It is always a hit to the pit of the stomach when a series that has taken hold in the heart is prematurely canceled. Today fans of four popular shows have to live with this bad news.

Netflix leaves “The Ranch”

In 2016, the first season of the Netflix sitcom “The Ranch” premiered, in which former Hollywood superstar Ashton Kutcher had taken on the title role. In it he plays the talented football player Colt, who has not really started his professional career and therefore returns to the family farm in Colorado. There she meets her brother Rooster (Danny Masterson), her grumpy father Beau (Sam Elliott) and her mother Maggie (Debra Winger), who now lives alone in a trailer and runs a farm.

Via Twitter Ashton Kutcher announced in person that Netflix will end the sitcom, which currently runs for three seasons. But he still has one (already known) good news for all fans: the streaming giant was previously producing a 20-episode fourth season of “The Ranch”. The first half should appear in 2019, the rest in 2020.

Amazon Releases “Sneaky Pete”

How Variety reported, Netflix competitor Amazon has also hit and sold a popular in-house production: The fraudulent drama “Sneaky Pete” with Giovanni Ribisi (“Avatar”) produced by Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) ends after the third season, which has been available on Amazon for about a month.

The focus of the total of 30 episodes is the cheater Marius (Ribisi), who just got out of jail and has mob boss Vince (Cranston) around his neck, to whom he owes a lot of money. So, first he assumes the identity of his cellmate Pete (Ethan Embry) and hides with his family; it is very convenient for him that they can no longer really remember their criminal relatives …

SyFy ends “Happy!” and “Deadly class”

And the American broadcaster SyFy has seen enough of two of his series (via Deadline). On one side of the crazy crime comedy “Happy!”, in which Christopher Meloni plays ex-cop Nick Sax, who got lost in a world of contract killings, soulless sex, and lots of drugs; at least until after an accident he suddenly finds himself in a good-humored, blue-winged imaginary unicorn named Happy (voice: Patton Oswalt) sees him hovering around him. The series has had two seasons so far and probably has been, but there is still hope that Netflix will step in and produce more episodes. Because in many countries, including this one, “Happy!” It is already running on the streaming service.

On the other hand, SyFy ends the adaptation of the comic “Deadly Class” after only one season. The focus is on a private school where young people are trained to become professional killers for criminal syndicates. Producers, including “Avengers: Endgame” directors Joe and Anthony Russo, were on board. The cast also featured prominent names, including Benedict Wong (“Doctor Strange”) and Lana Condor (“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”). But even celebrities did not attract enough viewers in front of television screens. Deadline According to him, it could have been enough to convince another broadcaster or streaming platform to take over the series. With “Happy!” And “Deadly Class”, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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