Entre nosotros: los retornados Alex es un artesano

Among us: returnees Alex is a craftsman

During the break

wantedon 08/30/2013 | 15:52

The news hit like a bomb yesterday: Alexander Sholti will return to “Unter Uns” after five years, although he previously died in series! During his break from soap, the returnees from “Unter Uns” worked, among other things, as artisans!

The creators of “Unter Uns” cleverly woven their return into the plot: Alexander Sholti will be available as Dr. Sascha Brenner, the missing twin brother of his series character Björn Winter, is back in front of the camera. 2008 Alexander Sholti said goodbye to “Unter Uns” – and, to the chagrin of his fans, he was barely seen on the TV screen.

Between us: Alexander Sholti took advantage of his break from shooting!

As announced now in an RTL press release, the “Unter Uns” actor has never been inactive for the last five years! “At first I shot a lot and over the years I successfully proved myself from personnel consultant, internet entrepreneur to craftsman. To this day, I run a small but excellent handicraft business.which I direct with a lot of passion, ”reports“ Unter Uns ”actor Alexander Sholt.

“Between us”: a craftsman in front of the camera

As revealed in a first statement, Alexander Sholti did not have to think much about if he should go back to “Unter Uns” despite his craft business – the idea came from his two colleagues Claudelle Deckert and Stefan Bockelmann. “The opportunity to be able to combine both with each other is now perfect: shoot ‘Unter Uns’ and still expand my company. In the true sense of the word: THE HAMMER ”, the“ Unter Uns ”actor is excited. Starting in December, his fans will be able to admire Alexander Sholti on television again; who knows, I might hit the hammer in front of the camera …

An actor who has a very realistic profession; You rarely see something like this in this business. We are sure that Alexander Sholti will make a great figure in “Unter Uns” despite the interruption of filming!

Image Source: (c) RTL / Isabell Schmidt