Amy Schumer: Así de duro critica a sus enemigos

Amy Schumer: This is how harsh she criticizes her enemies

Amy Schumer: This is how harsh she criticizes her enemies

Body shame

Daniel Schmidton 05/25/2016 | 10:43

Amy Schumer’s character is always a topic of discussion. Now the popular comedian has defended herself on Instagram and shoots hard at all those who simply do not want to leave her alone.

Amy Schumer: Great woman, great figure!

It is not entirely known how exactly the somewhat exaggerated interest in Amy Schumer’s character began. But it is still the supposed oversizing of the American woman that is discussed in the different media. It is clear that she herself does not want to remain silent. Only recently did she resist having to wear her size 38 as an example of a plus size.

Now, the 34-year-old goes one step further and addresses her enemies on her official Instagram account. The photo of her coming out of the sea in a swimsuit has a message for all those who make fun of her figure and keep leaving their negative comments.

Good morning trolls

Amy Schumer finds the words clearly: below her swimsuit post, she writes:

“I wanted to write:” Good morning, trolls. ” I hope you find some joy in your life today in human interaction and not just writing bad things to strangers that you have never met and that trigger something in you that makes you feel helpless and alone. I look like this. I am happy. I think I look strong and healthy and also a little like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. Peck!”

Even a big star like Amy Schumer doesn’t leave bad comments without a trace. Anyone who thought he could be stupid to the comedian without her fighting back was probably wrong.

It’s scary every time Amy Schumer has to defend her character. What’s going on in Hollywood? Some probably just can’t stand for such a great woman to be so successful and try to bring her down just to feel better about it. Pathetic!

Image Source: GettyImages / Mike Coppola