Una niña de 8 años padece cáncer de mama: debes conocer la historia

An 8-year-old girl suffers from breast cancer: you must know the story

the Breast Cancer Diagnosis It’s terrible to keep up, but hearing it at the age of 8, as was the case with Chrissy Turner, is just amazing. “Mom, I have something hard on my chest.”Chrissy says as she approaches her mother Annette, not knowing what this hard knot in her chest could mean. But her mother is immediately alarmed after she was only cured of a rare form of cervical cancer in 2000.

Chrissy Turner has a breast tumor

You’re taking Chrissy to the doctor. There a mammogram and ultrasound are performed, which unfortunately confirms Mama Annette’s first fears: Chrissy has a tumor in her breast and it is a very rare form. That’s chrissy turner the youngest patient to develop breast cancer suffered. Unfortunately, a “record” that nobody wants.

This is how your chest feels correctly.