Una velada con JB

An evening with JB

An evening with JB

We were really quite surprised by this news, because if you normally talk about the Justin Bieber, world star and teenager speak, all female fans are completely freaked out. No matter where he appears, everyone wants to touch him once, take a picture of him, and preferably have a quiet conversation with him. These wishes had now for eight girls from prague can come true, because one Czech modeling agency changed the following Facebook ad, that Justin for his Purpose tour in the Czech capital he found: “Eight beautiful girls are wanted for dinner and a party with Justin B in Prague. Is not paid. If you are interested, please contact me quickly. I will let the chosen ones know the time and place. You have to be there in an hour, behave well and speak English! “

+ + Six girls met JB + +

Sure, this ad sounds really weird and if you didn’t know better, you might think it’s fake. But that’s not the case, because that The meeting actually took place. At Bar Hemingway in Prague, Justin spent an evening with six female fans – You hardly believe it, but you really believe it ONLY six girls return to screen. What prevented the rest from doing so is still unknown today. Among the lucky ones were Law student Anna, an elementary school teacher named Hanka, and model Michaela. When asked if the night was about hidden sexual motives, Anna replied: “You think he chose the girls for the night, but he wanted to give others a pleasant experience. He spoke to us like a normal person would. However, the student was not allowed to reveal more details about everything else that happened that night, because each winner had to sign a confidentiality agreement in advance.