Y 2 villanos más para "El batman": ¿El sexteto de villano está completo?

And 2 more villains for "The batman": Is the villain sextet complete?

Robert Pattinson is supposed to take on Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, and Firefly in “The Batman,” but that doesn’t stop there – apparently now it’s also clear who the last two villains of the villain squad are.

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Right We only get word that the first four “The Batman” villains have been determined: Next to Riddler as the main contradictionr should also Catwoman and the penguin be there, they have been raised for a long time, as well as (probably in a smaller role) the pyromaniac effects specialist Firefly.

Now, the very conscientious DC expert Bill “Jett” Ramey reports from Batman in the movie and generally quite reliable connoisseurs of Discussing the movie, that too Two more villains were found for “The Batman”: Two-Face and Mad Hatter. For both villains the companions have a casting and according to the sources of Discussing the movie all six villains should be involved in “The Batman” in some way. However, that could change if the script was revised again, as colleagues themselves admit.

Two-faced and mad hatter

The Two-Face character should also be familiar to viewers who only know the Batman movies and not the comics: In “Batman Forever,” Tommy Lee Jones played an exaggerated version of the truly tragic character. In “The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan was the (ex) District Attorney Harvey Dent (played there by Aaron Eckhart) Fair enough. A dent developed after an acid attack on the face. a divided personality obsessed with duality and the power of chance.

However, the Mad Hatter is likely a familiar character to comic book readers (and fans of the “Arkham” video games). Jarvis Tetch, the real name of the short villain, he wears hats and masks to help control the minds of his victims and it is, as its villain name suggests, owned by Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

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Two-Face and Mad Hatter in Arkham video games

More bad guys for “The Batman”?

If these six villains actually appeared, the half-dozen villains from “The Batman” would be complete, of which the Hollywood reporter recently reported. However, since not all villains can take on a central antagonist role anyway, It’s quite possible that even more villains will appear, possibly behind bars at Arkham Asylum or some kind of supervillain congress in Gotham.

Regardless, it’s interesting that director Matt Reeves in “The Batman” (US theatrical release: June 25, 2021) apparently also uses more comical villains like Mad Hatter.. The penguin should be like in the comics:

“The Batman” seems to be like in the comics