¿Una y otra vez?  Xiaomi y compañía ignoran Android One

And again? Xiaomi and company ignore Android One

And again?  Xiaomi and company ignore Android One

In 2014, Google founded Android One, an initiative for affordable smartphones with original Android and an upgrade guarantee; now everything seems to be over.

Android One still exists, but no one is interested in the update-guaranteed Android smartphone initiative. A few years ago, several manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon, including brands with potential like BQ. Or Xiaomi, for the first aha effect on European soil. Meanwhile, Android One is no longer a problem, Nokia with its support only in the hallway.

Why Android One?

Google started this idea when the reputations of Android makers were getting worse. Hardly any manufacturer had left much of Android, everyone relied on overlay software that was slow and packed. Also, the upgrade policy was very bad for a while, manufacturers invested more resources in the development of new devices. Then Android One came in handy, with this or another manufacturer you could put yourself in a positive light.

Android One was a promise from the manufacturer to leave the Android operating system in its original state. No further tweaks, no bloatware, and even a multi-year warranty for Android updates. New at the time. Also, Google originally wanted to cover very affordable price ranges with Android One, but then introduced the scaled-down Android Go.

“Android One will make good quality affordable entry-level smartphones possible at affordable rates.”

Like I said, some manufacturers were there. Including Xiaomi until the summer of last year with Mi A1, A2 and A3. We do not expect a successor this year. Xiaomi now also enjoys a good reputation in Europe and has greatly improved its own MIUI in recent years.

Android One can be buried

Motorola was one of the last manufacturers to even introduce a new One series. But Android One is not a problem on these devices, either. Motorola now offers its own My UX on the One series. It’s only associated with a few tweaks in the software, but it has nothing to do with Android One. Nokia is still firmly on the ball, as the latest manufacturer to announce Android One.

Android One is practically dead. Manufacturers like Xiaomi still rely on their own attachment that is packed in Android, but the update policy has basically improved. Google has done a lot for this, and under the hood of the operating system, many things are different today. This makes the update process much easier for all manufacturers. Therefore, Android One is also a bit superfluous.

Google: Android 10 was the fastest update yet

Sometimes manufacturers advertise with an upgrade guarantee. In the higher price ranges, there are usually two newer versions of Android, after which it’s time to go. Android One doesn’t offer anything else. Only Google offers a three-year warranty, but only for its own Pixel smartphones. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before Google finalizes the Android One program or Nokia is the last manufacturer to shut down.

To update: Our article is also circulating internationally, which I think is really cool. Unfortunately, some colleagues misunderstand some things. My contribution is based primarily on market observations and assumptions, not confirmed reports from manufacturers. It is quite possible that the new Xiaomi devices will come with Android One, but so far there is no sign of this!