"Florian, wo bist du?" Mama Barbara erlebte den Horror jedes Elternteils.

"And suddenly my son disappeared without a trace!"

True, but Florian burst into tears when we told him about our vacation plans. Daddy said he’ll run away with me soon. He will chase us and find me. I’m so scared mom! I love you both so much. Can’t it be how it used to be? “

Flo was so right. What did we all do to Florian? Flo tried to please everyone and was almost starting to act like an adult. He hardly played any more, got into trouble at school and even got aggressive. That cannot be healthy. Her little soul rebelled and broke my mother’s heart upon seeing her transformation.

And then one morning. Flo went to school and didn’t come back.

Where is my son?

It was 5pm and Flo still hadn’t come home from school. According to his classmates and the school itself, he was absent all day. I called out to my ex: “This is all your fault!” I ruled Bernd. You and your whining. What can the guy do for you by being a loser and not having a woman with you for over a year! “I went below the belt, but that didn’t bother me. He was desperate, devastated, and terrified that something might have happened to Flo.

Bernd freaked out: “If you hadn’t separated from me, we would still be a happy family today and Flo wouldn’t have a cardboard nose to replace my father. You see, I’m Florian’s biological father, and I have rights! You drove Flo and your glorious parents carried the ribbon for you too! “