Android 10 aterriza para Nokia 2.3, 8 Sirocco y Samsung Galaxy A50

Android 10 is compatible with Nintendo Switch Pro controllers

The Android operating system can correctly process more and more known game controllers, including the Nintendo Switch Pro controller from Android 10 onwards.

With the latest version of Android there is support for a controller of the current Nintendo Switch. Support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has been reported for months. Android is already compatible with some popular game console controllers, also because smartphones are (may) increasingly become mobile game consoles. With Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia, two game streaming services will soon reach more and more mobile devices.

Android supports game console controllers

When it comes to driver support, the main thing is that the corresponding driver layout is stored in the operating system. Only then can each controller (hardware) input be processed in the correct command in the software. Basically all games can be played that otherwise can only be used with the touch screen. With the right controller support, mobile gaming can be a lot more fun.

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