Android 10 aterriza para Nokia 2.3, 8 Sirocco y Samsung Galaxy A50

Android 10: severe freezing error on pixel smartphones and other devices

Android 10 lands for Nokia 2.3, 8 Sirocco and Samsung Galaxy A50

A previously unknown cause ensures that Android 10 smartphones in particular crash more frequently. Something annoying.

More and more people are complaining that their Android 10 device hangs and cannot be used. And that happens although in reality only the respective application crashes. The error sounds familiar to me, but it actually happens very rarely. If one application hangs, the rest of the system can no longer be controlled. No gesture controls and nothing else. Annoying.

Freeze – Android smartphones completely freeze

In any case, the problem seems to have increased with some people in recent weeks. As in principle with more people. Several people on the Android Police team want to be able to confirm the problems. Mainly with Pixel smartphones, but also with devices from other manufacturers, there is a lack of system stability.

Because different Android devices and applications are affected, it is difficult to isolate the cause. It also appears to be independent of the launcher installed. Another possible cause would be one of the latest security updates. However, there is still no definitive answer to the question.