Android actual para todos: el siguiente paso está en camino

Android 11: airplane mode should get smarter

Current Android for everyone: the next step is on the way

Android 11 should bring an innovation for Bluetooth, the audio connections should remain active despite the flight mode.

With the next version of Android, Google wants to implement a small but very nice innovation for Bluetooth connections. If you activate airplane mode from Android 11, you will not automatically lose your active Bluetooth connection. Instead, the operating system must decide whether the connection is currently required or whether it should remain active.

Android: airplane mode should get smarter

Just because I switch the smartphone to airplane mode, I may not want to end my connection with the Bluetooth headset. Android 11 should verify this decision based on the existing Bluetooth connection. For example, if the A2DP protocol (for audio) is addressed, the existing Bluetooth connection remains active despite the flight mode.

This innovation is expected with Android 11, at least that’s what the source code of the operating system suggests. But it can also happen sooner or later. We will still have to be patient.