Android actual para todos: el siguiente paso está en camino

Android 11 makes perfect updates a must

Current Android for everyone: the next step is on the way

For newer Android 11 devices, built-in system updates could be mandatory for all manufacturers, which has several benefits for the user.

Google introduced built-in updates for Android years ago, but only a few manufacturers currently use this feature. The feature allows updates to be installed while devices are in use, and all it takes is a short reboot. This means that a larger system update can also be installed and the user can continue to use the device during this time. Another advantage is reliability, in case the installation is faulty for any reason.

Integrated updates are a great benefit for users

The update is initially installed on a temporary partition. If the reboot fails after the update or if the installation aborts, the system can simply revert to the previous version. Therefore, these built-in updates are helpful to the user for several reasons. Google also believes that the streamlined update process will encourage users to install updates immediately and not ignore them.

So far, however, the implementation of this upgrade variant has not been an obligation; Samsung, for example, has not done so until today. The Android source code seems to show that Google requires this form of system update for new devices from Android 11 onwards. So it is a condition for the test that must be completed successfully in order to pre-install Google services.

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