Android Auto: Samsung corrige el error de Ok Google después de varios meses

Android Auto for BMW now with an update, but not for all [Update x1]

Android Auto: Samsung fixes Ok Google bug after several months

The use of Android Auto in the BMW is now slowly becoming possible for early drivers, the necessary update is here. However, BMW is also facing quite a hurdle.

For several years, BMW refused to use Google’s Android Auto in its own vehicles. Some time ago there was a rethinking on this subject and now there are finally the necessary updates for the owners of some BMW models. The software update plan was announced at the beginning of the year. Now it is gradually being made available to various more or less current vehicles.

BMW reported even then: “For the update a Main unit with OS 7.0 as long as the update can be loaded via the car’s built-in SIM card or depends on a data transfer from the smartphone to the car’s memory ”.

At the same time, colleagues confirm that Android Auto can also be used wirelessly with compatible smartphones. For example, with the latest Google Pixel devices and some Samsung smartphones.

Android Auto is only wireless and therefore can be used with few devices?

The last part of the report brings with it a moderate problem, because the connection to Android Auto appears to be only wireless. This rules out a large number of Android smartphones that cannot use Android Auto in BMW vehicles despite its availability. The list of supported devices hasn’t changed for a long time, so it’s still pretty short:

Obviously, the update for the newer BMW software seems to have to be installed by the dealer. In any case, go faster this way. At least one Androidpolice colleague had this experience and reported in detail about their experience. So still not everything is as optimal or as we are used to from other manufacturers, for example.

July 31 update: BMW announced that the new software will definitely come via an OTA update.

The new software version (07/20) is available for vehicles with BMW Live Cockpit Professional and BMW Operating System 7:

  • Vehicles manufactured from July 2020 have the new software version installed at the factory.
  • Vehicles that before July 2020 you will receive the new software via Remote software update over the air (free of charge). The global upgrade campaign is expected to begin in the fall.

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