Google Pixel 3 acaba de perder la pantalla de 120 Hz

Android: Google has taken an interest in screen capture tools

Google is developing another screen capture tool that will soon be integrated into the Chrome Android app.

Google wants to further expand the screen capture tools on Android. In addition to the variant built into Android, there are also other versions. Including a standalone tool while using the Google app. We report on the latest innovations. It’s annoying that the version of the screenshot tool used there is only used there and not generally for Android. But that may still change, show a look at the Chromium source code.

Google Chrome has its own screenshot editor

Google is also working to give the browser its own screenshot tool. Work on it only started a few days ago, but the integration should complete relatively quickly. It is not an unknown job for Google application developers. I am currently using Fireshot on the desktop version of Chrome. I think the internal screenshot editor for Chrome will only be available in the Android app.