Android en el automóvil: Polestar demuestra el sistema operativo de Google para automóviles

Android in the car: Polestar demonstrates Google’s operating system for cars

Android in the car: Polestar demonstrates Google's operating system for cars

Android is not only available as Android Auto. Volvo’s Polestar is based on full Android Automotive and now displays the latest version.

Polestar is completely reliant on Android for its new vehicles, because Google has built a full automotive operating system in addition to Android Auto (app via smartphone) in recent years. It gathers the necessary functions of cars and unites them with the intelligent world of Google. Volvo has been a close Google partner for this for some time, and Polestar EVs are completely dependent on it. For example the Precept, for which an extensive video has now been published. We are particularly interested in one part, namely the one with the displays and the software for the controller.

Polestar shows full Android Automotive

Android powers the infotainment, but also the speedometer. To do this, Google Maps was linked to the driver assistance systems. But the screen in the middle with a diagonal of 15.5 ″ also has new features to offer, such as proximity detection. If the fingers move closer to the screen, the software buttons are displayed. They are generously designed to be easy to use at all times. Multitasking is just as convenient, multiple apps can be used at the same time. For example, navigation and music can be displayed together. Video streaming is also available while the vehicle is charging.